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Get your RV repaired with Palm RV Service Center

Are you looking forward to get your RV repaired? Well if so, now you can get the reliability of the Palm Truck and get your RV repaired by the most professional staff. Known as the Florida’s largest service repair center, the Palm Truck has a number of experienced professionals who are trained in the field of repairing RVs. Keeping the high rate of success, the company has opened up another repair center nearby. The technicians are proficient in repairing the appliances, electricity, engine and much more!


Services provided by Palm Truck:

  • Repair of A/C units: If the A/C of the basement and the roof need any kind of repair, the Palm Truck technicians are head on their heels to perform the task in the most efficient manner.

  • Appliance and pluming: An RV provides you the home like comfort in any distant place. Thus it is important for it to have good supply of water and all the appliances must work in proper order. If it doesn’t, the motor home repairs Palm Truck professionals know how to fix it!

  • Engine or Chassis: If you have trouble with the engine or the chassis of your RV, there are several professionals who are well equipped with the repair knowledge of RV engine and can help you with it.

  • Full body paint: Now this is one exciting service! If you are bored with the color of your RV and wish to change it or if the RV has several scratches on it, you can consider the option of repainting it.

    Palm Truck can repair a number of RV models and if your category falls under them then you can effectively get your RV repair quickly.


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